We developed the Maths Id programme because the systems of formal assessment we were having to work with were lacking in structure and designed without due consideration for the needs of our students, much to the detriment of their learning.


This website will always be free to access so that teachers of Entry Level numeracy can be provided with a highly structured and finely differentiated  learning framework within which to work, which - unlike any currently available formal qualification - actively facilitates good teaching.

We trust that the advantage of a programme of this kind for the use of Entry Levels learners will be obvious to their teachers, focusing as it does on just the most essential numeracy skills in a way that  automatically identifies and fills learning gaps. We believe that all numeracy assessments set at Entry Level should operate in this way, and our end goal is to successfully campaign for the introduction of national regulatory standards that will enable us to deliver the skills our learners need for employment, independence, and social inclusion.

Please use the programme, send us your feedback, and join the campaign

Maths ID is free to use

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