The visual layout of Maths ID has been designed following the Dyslexia Style Guide published by the  British Dyslexia Association. The following measures have been taken to improve the accessibility of the site for dyslexic learners:

- Avoidance of white backgrounds and reduce glare.

- Use of dark coloured, but not black, text.

- Use of plain fonts.

- Spacing between letters and between lines is expanded. 

- Use of underlining and italics has been minimised.

- Paragraph layouts are left-justified.

- Paragraphs are broken down into chunks where necessary.

- Sentences are broken down where possible.

The challenge posed to maths learning by dyslexia and other sensory processing difficulties is significant, and is likely to become insurmountable when reasonable adjustments such as those listed above are not made by examining bodies. We believe that in the modern world it is fair to expect all resources relating to official educational programmes should be made dyslexia-friendly. Please join our mailing list to become part of our campaign for fair access to education and qualification for people with learning difficulties including dyslexia. 

Maths ID and dyslexia

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