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Maths ID Essential Numeracy exam

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At the time of writing the Essential Numeracy exam is not officially accredited, but it will provide an accurate and reliable measure of numeracy attainment when used as a summative assessment. 

The assessment has three levels in line with the adult numeracy core curriculum at Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 3.  During the academic year learners should work through interactive practice work at for each of the programme's three components; Number, Money and Time. The progress made during the year will indicate the level at which the summative assessment should be delivered. 

The maximum time allowed to complete the assessment is 2 hours for each level.

This assessment is graded A-E, unlike many official assessments for Entry Level numeracy which tend to have a Pass/Fail format.  Our professional experience tells us that grading is indispensable if the gradual progress typical of Entry Level learners is to be recognised.  Because Pass/Fail assessments cannot reflect gradual progress, they pressurise teachers into 'teaching to the test' to maximise pass rates.  This produces shallow, disconnected learning, and unreliable results which obscure true learning needs.

 Maths ID 2019 - 22

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